(Please review with your youth group, adult leaders and parents)

Registration is between 12:00-2:30 P.M. Please give yourself time to settle in and unpack. Please do not arrive at the school before noon. Final preparations will keep the Workcamp staff busy until registration opens. Dinner will be served at 5:15. No lunch is provided on the first day of camp.

Sorry we cannot allow groups to sleep at the school the night before camp begins. Check local hotels for the best rate.


We do realize that most people do have cell phones and most of the time there is no need to use a land line but…at certain locations/schools there may be limited cell phone reception. We strongly suggest that before coming to the Workcamp each group set up a “phone chain” that will allow the leader to call one person in the local parish community to let them know your group has arrived safely. That person can then contact the parents of the campers.

Group leaders are responsible for their own campers during free time. Sorry, Workcamp staff will not be available to act as chaperones.

We have set aside Friday as the free day to visit area attractions, except camps held during the week of the fourth of July, the free day would be on the 4th of July in that case. ADMISSION PRICE FOR ATTRACTIONS IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE REGISTRATION FEE. No lunch or dinner will be provided on the free day. We will have closing mass and show a summary video of the week in the morning before you leave. Groups can leave for home on the free day. You will need to return from your free day by 10:30 p.m.

Catholic HEART Workcamp cannot be held responsible for mail sent to campers. Host School Administrators do not always deliver mail to the campers or the Workcamp Office. We suggest that parents and friends not write because mail delivery to campers is not guaranteed.

All participants will sleep in classrooms or a gym at the school. Bring a sleeping bag, foam padding, cot or an air mattress (single-size air mattress only). Sorry, no recreational vehicles, buses or cars may be used for lodging. There are no facilities or time allotted for doing laundry.

There are separate shower times for teens and adults. However, the showers are usually communal so it is MANDATORY THAT ALL campers wear a bathing suit. You will want to bring a bathing suit and flip flop sandals to wear when showering.

If you have participated in a HEART Workcamp, please limit your references to last summer’s camp. Refrain from saying things like, “how much more fun it was last year” or “this is how we did it last summer.” Comments such as these make first-time participants feel this camp is not as important or unique as last year’s. Even if you have done a specific activity before, do it as if it is your first time.

Catholic HEART Workcamp cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen materials, articles, clothes, CDs, iPods, cell phones etc. Limit the amount of money, CD’s, jewelry and material possessions you bring. Some schools have lockers that we can use. Therefore bring a lock for the lockers to keep your valuables safe. Otherwise, you may bring a youth group box or footlocker that can be locked, to store all valuables. It is unfortunate that even at a Catholic camp, personal items can disappear.

Each person will be working with a team of people who are not from your church group. This may be uncomfortable for some at first, but team members quickly form friendships. For many this becomes a highlight of the week. This arrangement also provides many different experiences for your group to share when they return home. All young adults (18-20 years old) will be placed in work teams together.

Make sure the bus driver is aware he is required to transport teams to and from worksites. We cannot be responsible for housing drivers but feel free to invite them for meals. There will be a scheduled meeting with the drivers to go over routes, answer questions, and to make sure they know their responsibilities. Bus drivers will be asked to fill out a CHWC Medical/Release of all claims form (optional).

We will be handing out worksite assignments and directions on the first evening of Workcamp.

Each day begins with a wake up call at 6:15 and breakfast at 6:45. Your day will be spent either repairing and renewing homes by doing such things as painting, weatherization, house cleaning, yard work, basic construction work, hanging doors, installing new windows or helping build new homes for low income families for organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or boarding up or tearing down unoccupied buildings, etc. Other work projects will include helping at daycare centers for low-income families, helping at Social Service Centers that distribute food to the needy and act as homeless shelters. Built into the day will be time for showers, relaxation, socializing and free time. The day ends following the evening program.

Contact the HEART Office if you have an MD, RN, LPN or EMT coming to Workcamp. Please ask him/her if they would be willing to assist with minor medical problems, give basic first aid treatment or make referrals to a hospital if necessary.

Contact the HEART Office if a Priest or Deacon will be with your group. All information and procedures can be found on this page. Registration Fee for priests is $90.00 (excluding international camps). Priests will be needed to hear confessions during our “Four Corners” prayer night and celebrate Liturgy. CHWC will provide the necessary items for Mass (hosts, chalice, lectionary etc.) but not vestments or an alb. We celebrate an opening and closing Mass, Wednesday morning Mass, and daily Mass is offered. At “Next Level” camps Mass is celebrated each morning during program (CHWC hires a camp chaplain for the week).

Please be sure that ALL the Application Forms are completed by ALL campers Online and the Transportation Form is completed by the Group Contact Leader.

Be sure that ALL information has been completed on the Medical Information & Release of All Claims Form. (The Group Contact Leader will receive these forms.) Give the completed form to your Group Leader. He/she will bring it to the Workcamp. If your form is not complete, CHWC cannot allow you to participate in Workcamp activities. All Workcamp participants are required to have personal medical insurance coverage. If for some reason a participant does not have health insurance, you may purchase a temporary policy through https://www.ehealthinsurance.com/short-term-health-insurance. This form must also be NOTARIZED & please attach a copy of your insurance card. Suggestion: have a notary present at one of your meetings.

On the last day of Workcamp, you will have time to shower and clean up your sleeping area. Departure time is between 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. PLEASE NOTE: Breakfast will NOT be served on the day of departure.