Welcome to the Pre-Trip page for Youth Ministers and/or Group Contact Leaders

Each Group Contact Leader will receive an email with your individual application form specific to your camp, as well as a Group Report Link to view the current progress of the completed applications. Here is an EXAMPLE of the Application. Here is an EXAMPLE of the Youth Group Report. The Individual Applications are due by MAY 1ST. If you need to make an edit to any of the submissions or delete a duplicate, please fill out the Application Correction Form.

If you choose to submit all of your group’s applications yourself, you can pass out this Data Collection Form and enter them in at the same time. Please do not send these forms to the CHWC Office.

Download the Medical Form
You need the original PLUS two copies (so three total per participant). The insurance card only needs to be on the original. They do not need to be submitted before camp.

Download the Code of Conduct Form
One for each participant. They do not need to be submitted before camp.

Download the Verification Agreement*
Complete the form and submit it through the Digital Submission Form by May 1st. The original must be brought to camp with you.
*If you are NOT affiliated with a parish or a high school, contact the office for a different version of this form.

Fill out the Transportation Form online. Due by MAY 1ST.
Your vehicles will be needed to transport teams to worksites. Only adults designated by the contact person will drive your vehicles. Please be accurate on number of seat belts that will be available. Some groups need to take seats out of their vehicle to travel to a workcamp. Do not count these seat belts when filling out the Transportation Form. NO BUSES ARE PERMITTED in Hardeeville, Pittsburgh or Cumberland.

Download  a printable handout of Pre-Trip Information.

For the address of the school, free day ideas, school information and for the manager’s email address, please visit your city page by going to the dates page and click on your city.

If you have a priest or deacon attending camp with you, please visit our clergy page to complete the Priest/Deacon form and request a Letter of Suitability.

Here is a brief schedule of the week:

Bringing a Bus? This is information for the Bus Drivers.

AFTER CAMP…. Here is the community service certificate

PreTrip Meeting Resources

MEETING ONE: Online Application Process, Medical Information and Release of all Claims Form.

Spend time going over PRE-TRIP INFORMATION.  Adults must read the Pre-Trip INFORMATION and Adult Details.

Discuss policy on Sexual Harassment/Misconduct section in the pre-trip information.

There is information in the Adult Details about CHWC “Four Corners” Prayer Service.  Please be sure to discuss this with all of your adult leaders.

Decide if your group would like to present a skit.  If so, please go to the Skit Sign-Up Form and submit your request.

A skit will be emailed once we receive your request on a first-come, first served basis.  Due by March 1st.

MEETING TWO: Medical Information and Release of all Claims Form.

Suggestion: You may want to have a Notary present to notarize the Medical/Release Form (as well as the Code of Conduct and Group Verification form, just to get them all done at once).

Spend time going over Meeting Two Discussion Questions found here.

Please go over and discuss Ladder Safety with all participants.  This information can be found here.

MEETING THREE: Discuss CODE OF BEHAVIOR.  Please have each participant sign and date.  Collect and bring with you to camp.  Spend time going over Meeting Three Discussion Questions, Schedule and talk about free day options and travel plans.

Meeting Three Discussion Questions

Send Forth Blessing

Prayer to End Meeting:

Heavenly Father, thank you for calling each of us to step up and serve. We ask for confidence to say yes to you each day. May we be grateful for all who have supported our efforts. Give us courage to follow through as we prepare for our mission to serve. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.