Disciplinary Action

Catholic HEART Workcamp encourages an atmosphere of trust, truthfulness, honesty, and openness. CHWC prides itself in treating teens with respect. We do our best not to “talk down" to teens or adults but rather work together in creating the “kingdom on earth.” We ask teens to respect adults and vice versa. In most cases, those attending CHWC observe proper respect, manners and rules of order. However, from time to time someone may step over the line and carry out actions that are unacceptable and need disciplinary action.

  • When an adult or teenager observes someone being disruptive, destructive or in a dangerous situation, we ask you to intervene and ask the person to stop.
  • If the problem continues, we ask that the problem be shared with his/her parish youth leader.
  • If the situation is a serious violation of rules, contact the Workcamp manager, team captain or director and make them aware of the behavior.
  • If a situation is severe enough, Catholic HEART Workcamp reserves the right to send a person home at camper’s expense.

The following list covers situations when someone will be sent home:

  • Use, possession or transfer of alcohol, illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia.
    • Prescription drugs are the responsibility of individuals. Please make your youth leader aware of any prescription medication you will be taking. Also please list it on your medical release form.
  • Fireworks, matches, lighters
  • Gambling
  • Stealing or vandalism
  • Possession or use of any weapons, guns, explosive device or knives (including pocketknives)
  • Bomb threat
  • Tampering or pulling the fire alarm
  • Possession and/or use of tobacco, smoking, vaping, or Juul devices
  • Vulgar language or constant swearing
  • Sexual harassment/misconduct (including but not limited to inappropriate fondling or touching of another camper, exposure of one's private parts, intercourse, inappropriate videotaping, verbal sexual harassment). Refer to the tab on our Policy on Sexual Harassment.
  • Bullying, which includes one or more students seeking to have power over another student through the use of verbal, physical or emotional harassment, intimidation, or isolation.
  • A significant violation of any other rules listed on the pre-trip website.