Lip Sync

Sign-ups for the Lip-Sync Battle will be done at camp.

If your group would like to participate by creating a 2-minute Lip Sync performance please review the following guidelines.

  • Song selection is up to you! (must be appropriate for CHWC audience).
  • Song selection must be no longer than 2 minutes. If it has been cut or edited, please be prepared with a way to share it (USB Stick, AirDrop, YouTube, etc.).
  • Performance should be rehearsed before arriving to camp.
  • Props or any supplementary items are the responsibility of the youth group (not required).
  • No minimum number of participants is needed to qualify for this performance.
  • The average amount of people that can be on stage at one time is 25. (but for larger groups, feel free to have them switch on/off stage).
  • Youth groups will be given official practice time on stage with lighting and sound prior to the performance.