Clergy Information

STEP ONE: Fill out the Priest/Deacon Form and let us know that a priest or deacon is attending CHWC with your group.

If you have already filled out a hard copy of this form and faxed/mailed it to the CHWC Office then you do not have to do this step

STEP TWO: Follow the instructions below to obtain a letter of suitability and send it to the CHWC Office and the diocese you are entering.

Each Diocese has a policy in place requesting a Letter of Suitability of all visiting priests and deacons.  To better serve while you are at Catholic HEART Workcamp, we are asking that you complete the following procedure by informing the Chancellor of the Diocese of the camp that you are attending at least 2 months prior to the date of your camp.

Please do the following…

  1. Contact the Chancellor of your diocese and request a letter of suitability to be sent to the diocese you will be entering. (You may want to contact the diocese that you will be entering to ask if they have specific requirements for visiting priests).
  2. Select your camp below and print out the Information Form for the Chancellor, and the priest letter if you are a priest or the deacon letter if you are a deacon.
  3. Fill out the Information Form for the Chancellor.
  4. Mail the completed Information Form for the Chancellor with your Letter of Suitability to the Diocese (address in listed in the letter you will download).
  5. Also, mail a copy of the form and Letter of Suitability to the CHWC Office.

Please make sure you select the correct camp you are attending all the letters are camp specific.