Clergy Information

Thank you for registering for Catholic HEART Workcamp and for choosing to be a part of a great mission to love and serve others! It is our pleasure to welcome you.

Each camp will have a designated chaplain but during your CHWC week you are invited to concelebrate mass or to preside. We will also be requesting that you celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation with us on Wednesday evening at camp.

Catholic HEART Workcamp will provide all the necessary items needed to celebrate mass. However, we ask that you please bring your own vestments. 

Sleeping/Shower Arrangements

The manager of the camp you are attending will be contacting you regarding specifics. Ideally we will provide you a private classroom for sleeping, but providing a private shower can be difficult. It all depends on the school and how much space we have available to use. You may want to consider reserving a hotel if you are not comfortable with the school set up available for your sleeping/shower arrangements. Unfortunately CHWC cannot cover the cost of a hotel.

Letters of Suitability

In order to attend camp, all priests/deacons must to submit a “Letter of Suitability” to both CHWC and the diocese you are entering. Those whose Letter of Suitability have not been verified and approved prior to Catholic HEART Workcamp will not be able to assist with mass/administer the Sacraments. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Instructions for Submission - Please complete by May 1st!
- PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS! (Do not e-mail or mail letters to CHWC)

  1. Contact the Chancellor of your diocese and request a letter of suitability to send to the diocese you will be entering.
  2. Select your camp from the drop down below to print out the corresponding Chancellor Information Letter. (Make sure to select the correct camp!)
  3. Send the completed Chancellor Information Letter along with your Letter of Suitability to the Diocese you will be entering. (The mailing address can be found at the top of your camps Chancellor Information Letter).
  4. Upload a copy of your Letter of Suitability to CHWC.
    • Discounts for priests will be applied to invoices the within a few days of submission.