Bathroom/Shower Modesty

  • When anyone is going to or from the showers, he/she must have clothes on at all times. Please do not walk through the halls in your bathing suits or towels. Remember modesty.
  • Take all your personal items with you when you leave the bathroom. Anything left behind in the showers and bathrooms will be added to the camp lost and found at the end of each day and thrown out at the end of the week if left unclaimed.
  • The majority of showers are communal, so it is MANDATORY THAT ALL campers wear a bathing suit when showering. We recommend also wearing flip-flops when showering.


  • In accordance with the Bishops Charter for the Protection of Children in creating a safe environment for young people, we have implemented separate shower times for teens and adults. In some cases, shower times for young adults (18-20 years old) may be added.