Dietary Concerns

Experiencing a mission trip with Catholic HEART Workcamp means one gives up day-to-day conveniences. One of the goals of Catholic HEART Workcamp is to be in solidarity with the people we encounter.

Mission trips are a great way to improve one’s ability to “offer it up” for the sake of the Kingdom. What we may take for granted could be a luxury to the people we serve. Therefore, to experience what it is to make a sacrifice and to live without conveniences such as various fast food restaurants, we ask you to eat only the food provided at camp (excluding snacks your group may bring).

The menus are based on a well-balanced diet that will provide all the nutritional and calorie needs. Here is a sample of the menus throughout the week: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

We ask youth groups not to go out to eat before, during, or after mealtime. We also ask that groups not have pizza or any other food delivered to the school after the evening program. By doing so, you will:

  • Not waste the food purchased with your registration fee.
  • Appreciate the freedom to pick up or order food anytime you are hungry at home.
  • Feel more empathy for the people who are less fortunate.
  • Experience the joy of sacrifice.


Catholic HEART Workcamp is sensitive to people with dietary needs. Due to the large number of people with different needs as well as liability guidelines, we cannot be responsible for packing lunches for allergies/dietary concerns including peanut, gluten, vegetarian, etc.

We offer plenty of options for vegetarians but if a camper requires a special diet, they are required to bring their own food or supplement what their diet requires.

  • Upon arriving at camp, we ask they please let the kitchen manager know their requirements.
  • If their diet requires them to bring their own food or to supplement, CHWC will provide a space in the refrigerator for them to store their food. This space is to be used only for food for those with allergies (not youth group snacks).
  • Due to liability and restrictions at the school kitchen facility, CHWC does not permit any campers to cook or have access to the ovens. They are welcome to use a microwave if one is available. Only adults are permitted in the kitchen. Each group must designate an adult (21 years or older) to be responsible to coordinate the camper’s needs.
  • If they have NOT brought their own food for lunches, after program on SUNDAY, the CHWC Kitchen Manager will designate a staff person to oversee packing lunches for those with common allergies/dietary concerns: peanuts, gluten, vegetarian, etc. An adult from your youth group must be responsible for packing these lunches for the week. We do provide meat, cheese, Uncrustables (prepackaged PB&J), and bread. The lunches will be stored in the refrigerator clearly marked with their name and team number.