Snack Information

Snack food is allowed but cannot be stored or eaten in the sleeping quarters. Tables in the cafeteria will be used for your group’s snacks. A designated person will collect all food from your group and store them in a sealed plastic container with your parish name on it. (CHWC does not provide these containers). This food can only be eaten in the cafeteria. We do not want ants, cockroaches, and mice to raid your sleeping quarters!

  • All containers should be clearly labeled with your parish name.
  • We ask that you be responsible for your own trash.

We often run into situations in which groups are bringing an overabundance of snacks. Please only bring enough snacks for a few days. Many groups bring snacks for 5 days and there is not enough room to store them in the snack area designated by the school. You will be able to purchase more snacks during the week if needed. We are aware it is easier to bring a lot of snacks instead of making a run midweek, but we appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

We will ask one adult from each parish to be in charge of your snacks. This responsible individual will be your youth group’s designated “Snack Sergeant” and will be given a briefing on all the snack rules at the adult meeting. Basically, this person will be responsible to make sure your parish snack area is clean with no open containers and snacks and put away neatly.

Snacks have become a serious matter and we have heard complaints from school/facility personnel. CHWC does not want to jeopardize the use of a school because of messy snack areas.