WANTED: Associate Staff, Nurses, and Troubleshooters

What will Associate Staff be doing? (21 or older)

  1. Help prepare and serve breakfast, and dinner and clean up after each meal. Be in the kitchen at 6:00 a.m. to prepare breakfast and at 2:00 p.m. to prepare for
  2. After the morning program, empty trashcans in rooms, halls, and bathrooms.
  3. Help at the worksites in the event someone gets sick or extra support is needed to finish a project.

Benefits for Associate Staff

  • More free time is available in the late morning or early afternoon to relax.
  • Obtain the “big picture” of CHWC operations.
  • Opportunity to travel to the worksites to take pictures/videos.
  • Chance to interact at a deeper level with other adults who are associate staff members and Workcamp staff.
  • Be of much-needed service to Workcamp participants and staff members.

What will Trouble Shooters be doing?

Experience in minor construction required (21 or older)

  1. Work at a variety of job sites assisting groups with questions/difficulties that may arise at a work project.
  2. Assist the Workcamp Staff, mainly the Tool Supply Manager.
  3. Deliver/pick up tools/supplies from worksites.
  4. Pick up supplies from the local hardware store in the evenings.

What will Nurses and Paramedics be doing?

Must be certified (21 years or older)

Medical personnel will help at the “home base” whenever a minor medical problem arises (sunburn, twisted ankle, headaches, etc.). This person has the option of being on a work team and going to a worksite or staying at the home base and working behind the scenes as an associate staff member/nurse.