Policy on Sexual Harassment

Catholic HEART Workcamp has dedicated itself to fully upholding the U.S. Bishops Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. CHWC is committed to providing a safe environment for every camper. Parents, Youth Ministers, teenagers, young adults, and adult leaders can be guaranteed that CHWC is concerned with the well-being, safety, and protection of every camper.

Please review the following:

Catholic HEART Workcamp requires every Contact Leader to ensure the completion of the Verification Agreement Form provided by CHWC. This document requires all participants aged 18 and older to meet the requirements specified by their diocese concerning policies, training, and background checks for the prevention of sexual abuse risk. This document must be signed by the Safe Environment Compliance Officer of a parish or diocese.

CHWC requires all summer staff employees to have a background check prior to being hired by CHWC.

CHWC requires all summer camp staff to make available personal information, references, and recommendations from a Priest/Youth Minister for employment.

Sexual misconduct is defined as unwanted or unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature and can occur when it is directed at members of the same or opposite gender. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Written words or verbal comments of a sexual nature
  • Sexually motivated or inappropriate physical contact
  • Sharing or bragging about one’s sexual experiences
  • Pressure for sexual activity
  • Pornographic photography or video

Sexual Misconduct of any type is not tolerated!

All reports of Sexual Misconduct are taken seriously and will be reported. If a camper has any concerns about the behavior or remarks from another camper (adult, young adult, or teen), he or she is urged to tell the CHWC Staff or a trusted adult.

As an organization, CHWC has developed procedures and policies to deal with sexual misconduct. When a complaint or an allegation is brought to the attention of the camp director/manager/staff member, the following procedures will be set in motion:

  1. When a complaint comes forward, the accuser and the youth minister will meet with a CHWC representative to discuss the incident.
  2. If the accusation is credible, the parents and the pastor of the accuser will be contacted by the youth minister. A CHWC representative will contact our Safety Environment Specialist and notify the proper authorities.
  3. CHWC will create a safe place for the accuser until proper authorities arrive.
  4. The home parish of the accuser will be notified. The accused will meet with a CHWC representative and the youth minister. The accused will then be removed from the camp property in the company of an adult from his/her parish until the proper authorities deem it safe and appropriate for him/her to return to camp.
  5. Authorities will direct CHWC on continued action.